20 New Things: Sleep in an Unusual Place

I'm kind of fudging it on the title there. I think the list actually says to sleep in a teepee/treehouse/pagoda, or something like that. And I guess, technically, sleeping on the bathroom floor would be considered sleeping in an unusual place and well, I've already done that.

Details, schmetails, I say. To fulfill this goal, I went on vacation to Ireland (Or hadn't you heard?) and slept in a converted church.

I was in charge of finding and booking accommodations for Dublin. I found many stellar options, including the skinniest house in Dublin (2 meters wide!) and a barge (that you could drive around the canals. Boat around? Whatever.) Sadly those were vetoed due to no one wanting to cram 4 people into a space the size of...something that is too small for 4 people. But I won on the converted church, and behold...St. Kevin.

The church was built in the 1880s, I think, and converted into apartments maybe in the 1970s. Our apartment was on the top floor- those slanted windows on the roofline you see in that picture above, which I didn't take. I didn't actually take any pictures of St. Kevin from the street, but I did take these pictures of the view.

The view from the top was pretty good. And there were some authentic churchy details, too.

Other than that, though, sleeping in a church is pretty much like sleeping anywhere else. Except you're in a church. We did learn that when in an unfamiliar area, staying in a building with a large steeple is helpful. Pro tip! When we'd been walking around all day, it was extremely comforting to see St. Kevin in the distance. We'd be like, "There's St. Kevin! Yay!" or something like that.

In conclusion- staying in a church, it's a good thing.


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