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Let's Climb A Mountain

There are people who see a canyon with a river running through it and think to themselves, "I'd like to see what's up that canyon. I guess I will have to HIKE THROUGH THE RIVER."

I am not that kind of person.

There are people who see a sandstone ridge with 1000 foot sheer cliffs on either side and think, "I bet the view from up there is great. I'm climbing it. I'll drag myself up by hanging onto chains if that's what I have to do."

I'm not that person either.

I'm the type of person who would look at the canyon full of water and say, "Well, I'm sure it's nice, but it's wet. Let's have a snack." I'd look at the ridge and say, "Nope."

But in life, it seems, if you pair yourself up with someone who is more like the first type of person, you find yourself being drawn into these sorts of...adventures. Shall we call them adventures? In general I do not consider activities labeled as "strenuous" …

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