Life as it is now.

You know how sometimes you get really involved in a project and you lose track of time and suddenly you look up and it's the end of September and you're like oh, you know, I think I used to have a blog or something.

Well, I wouldn't know anything about that but I can sort of imagine it.

I might have made up a joke. I'm going to put it down here because I told it to my fiancé last night and it went over well and he said, "You should write a blog about that" and I was like, "Is that what you think my blog is about? Weird pig jokes?" Or something to that effect. But now here I am, writing a blog post about it. Oh, that guy.

Anyway, the joke is pretty much this- they should call sausage ground hog. 

See? It's not really that funny. It doesn't work as a blog post. I think we can all agree that I'm right on this one. Okay, but imagine if you were cooking up some sausage and someone asks what you're making and you're all, "Ground hog" and they'd be like ummmmm...pass. Because no one wants to eat groundhog. Except maybe my brother-in-law, who hates groundhogs. Wait, no, he hates prairie dogs. Never mind.

Did you know that a groundhog is the same thing as a woodchuck? Also known as a whistlepig? I read it on the internet just now so I know it's true.

Well, anyway, I think we can all agree that the ground hog joke might be funny but the groundhog blog is not a runaway hit. With that settled, I can go back to not posting for another 3 months.


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