Sometimes you're the bug.

To make a long story even longer...

Yesterday I got a facial at a spa I used to belong to. When I cancelled my membership they cashed out my balance onto a gift card- shazam! Lots of prepaid spa treatments. Alas, when I went to pay last night I couldn't find my gift card so I ended up just paying for it, thinking I would find the card at my house and use it to pay for my next treatment, a pedicure, which I scheduled for today.

When I got home I started searching my room for the gift card. It wasn't anywhere I checked so after looking through every pile of odds and ends I thought maybe for some reason I had left it in my car the last time I'd used it.

I went out to the garage to check my car and when I opened the door I realized the floor was covered with water and thought to myself, "Self, that is not good." So I waded over and turned off the washer, which my roommate had started maybe 5 minutes before.

I don't know if you have ever looked inside a washing machine that is completely filled with water, but it's actually quite a large amount, and even more when it is released into your house. I went back inside into the spare bedroom and what do you know, the carpet was already wet. So my roommate and I moved as much as we could away from the wall and put down a barrier of towels to try and prevent more water from coming across the room. This morning when I got up the towels were completely soaked but the garage was more or less dry so at least more water wasn't being released.

So that's pretty much the end. I don't really know what I'm going to do about it. Try and dry out the carpet, I guess, and hope deadly mold doesn't grow in the walls. And after all that, I still didn't find that gift card, so now like $80 is missing somewhere, probably in the trash. And my washing machine is broken too! Gah. On the bright side, the missing gift card led me to the garage to discover the broken washer. If that hadn't happened, maybe it would've been worse. Maybe the decorations for Hayden's cake, which I spent 3 hours making and was storing in the spare room so they wouldn't get damaged, would've gotten wet and dissolved and RUINED MY LIFE! AHHHHH! Or not.

Oh well, it's almost the weekend. That's cool.


Anonymous said…
This deserves a comment.
Erin said…
Respect. I only blog for the comments anyway.
AprilJ said…
I detest losing gift cards. I feel for you. Here's hoping you find it. Stupid washing machine.

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