Flashback Friday #7

Tomorrow is my older sister Geleene's birthday, so in honor of that I have dug up this picture of us celebrating her birthday many, many, many years ago. Heh.

I think I see 4 candles on that cake, but that would make me 2 and I don't think I look 2 in that picture. But I don't know anything about kids so who knows. Probably just my mom, who also gets to make her first blog appearance today. It's an exciting time- birthdays, Thanksgiving, other stuff...

I don't have any memories of this particular photo, but I found it and it was cute and fitting. So happy birthday to my sister- I hope it's a good one.


AprilJ said…
I remember more than a few meals at that kitchen table.. I even had a birthday cake there, myself.. it was one of those that the torso of a Barbie is baked into the "dress" part of a cake. Good times, good times. Happy Birthday Geleene! Welcome to the 30s.
GeleeneG said…
Aww, thanks guys.

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