I win again.

I just realized it's the 1st day of summer. Good thing because 110 degrees in spring is just unacceptable.
It's also my parent's anniversary. I was going to post a nice Happy Anniversary announcement on Facebook the way so many of my friends do, and then I realized my parents aren't on Facebook so that's kind of just me bragging that my parents have been married a long time, probably longer than your parents, so, I win at having married parents.

Additionally, if I were to be married today, I'd be in my late 60s by the time I reached the anniversary my parents are at now and they are not in their late 60s. So, they win at being married.

My parents read this blog so I'm allowed to post nice happy anniversary announcements here. If I want. Or maybe they'd rather not be associated with this blog. That's a possibility. Happy anniversary, mom and dad, I hope it's all you dreamed of and more.

Ok, it's day 4 of the drawing challenge which is supposed to be my favorite place. I have a lot of favorite places, like Disneyland and Greece and the mall, but for today my favorite place is the Grand Canyon. Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? It's pretty much the most beautiful and amazing place you will ever see. It looks exactly like all the pictures only a million times better, and you will just stand there at the edge going, "..." because you will be speechless because there are no words. So that's all.

It's really hard to draw the Grand Canyon. It doesn't look anything like this. So if you haven't been to the Grand Canyon (and you should- you really should go), then please don't base your opinions on this MS-Painting. I promise it is better than I have depicted it.
Actually, this looks like framed desert camouflage. I'm sorry. It's really pretty terrible. Oh well.


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