Loose Ends

I called to schedule my skydiving adventure and the guy I spoke to seemed to take great pleasure out of giving me way too many details. "We'll fly up ten or fourteen thousand feet," he said, "The door will be open." Uh-huh, uh-huh. "Then you free-fall for sixty to ninety seconds. At 120 miles per hour." No problem, you joker. "This whole thing will be on video. Don't freak out, you don't want to become viral." Nope. Don't want that. I was relating my story to the friend who is also going skydiving and apparently he didn't get any such speech. I guess I'm just lucky.

The other day my boss was going through the mail. "Does anyone want a free hearing test?" he asked. "Huh?" I said. I don't think he got the joke.

I saw a dead cockroach at my house and didn't pick it up because yuck, cockroaches are gross. Then after like 3 days I realized my coworker was not going to show up my house to dispose of it so I threw it in the trash.

I got distracted in the shower and put body wash in my hair instead of on my body.
Nothing happened, except I wasted body wash.

There are 3 new Coldplay songs on Youtube now. Well, maybe 2. I forget if I told you about the first one. You should listen to them, in any case, because it will probably make you feel pretty cheerful. Not because they are cheerful songs, necessarily, but because they are shiny and new and Coldplay. Duh.

I just want to make tiny cupcakes and elaborate sugar cookies and cakes with multi-colored layers. I do not want to look at bills or explain copays or research drug tiers. Is that so unreasonable? And while we're on the subject, why does spell-check always argue with me about copays? Copays is a word! Copays is more than one copay! I don't know how else to get that across.

I was supposed to draw my best friend today, for the drawing challenge. I'm not in the mood to draw today. Drawing in MS Paint is actually pretty difficult- I know I make it look easy. JK JK JK. Oh. I'm actually not supposed to say JK JK JK anymore. Apparently people find it annoying. Ha, hard to imagine that.

Time to lay off the caffeine.


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